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Private mortgage financing of real estate projects focused on renovations or real estate optimizations.

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Our company’s goal is quite simple: to leave a legacy of excellence in the private mortgage market.

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Investors will find a safe and profitable investment in which all loans granted are backed by excellent mortgage guarantees and yield an average annual return of 12%.  

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Obtaining financing is the key to closing your purchase commitments. Real estate investors, whether they are new or active, are constantly looking for financing. We offer a quick solution for real estate acquisitions. 

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Jacques Lépine

Author and co-author of more than 6 best-sellers on real estate investment, real estate coach, coach for our investors. He will keep you interested and convince you that success is achieved through passion and determination.

About SCIQ

Société de Crédit Immo Québec Inc, is a well-established and ethically responsible mortgage financing company.

Founded in 2016 by Jacques Lépine and Jesabel Cortés, SCIQ brings together a team of experts in mortgage financing and real estate investment.

SCIQ enjoys an excellent reputation built over the years. 

Our clients trust us

For several years, I dreamed of succeeding in my real estate project. 

In my African and family culture, one first becomes a homeowner before buying their first car.

It had been almost a decade since my boarding school business was rented.  The cost of my rent was as high as a mortgage.

However, I was told that it was difficult for single women to get into the real estate business unless they had a co-signer, which was my case. However, the reality was different.  

Then one day, Mr. Jacques Lépine said to me: “You too can be a landlord.”

It was a revelation for me. Thanks to his strategic advice, I bought my first duplex.

With the use of leverage, I was able to expand and move the boarding school into my building in 2019.  

SCIQ remains a major committed partner in my projects. Leveraging their very flexible terms, I am grateful to be able to consider new acquisitions.

Marie-Fidèle Mukandekezi
Real estate investor
Montreal, February 2, 2021

I met Jacques Lépine through the CIIQ and I was one of the first to assist him, more than 5 years ago, when he created a private mortgage financing company. 

I continue to be pleased with this meeting and with my investment, which I have strengthened over the years in a very important way. Jacques is someone in whom I have great confidence. He has some of the most valuable real estate experience in Quebec and the network that comes with it. This is what allows him to target investments with minimal risk, whether it is on the project or on the people who bring the project to life. The guarantees are solid and the follow-up is consistent. Jacques and his team always answer questions quickly and thoroughly. In addition to being an excellent investment for my cash flow, I feel I am contributing to the development of Quebec and its ecosystem. Thank you Jacques.

Serge Douillard
SCIQ Investor
Montreal, February 2, 2021

Real estate is larger than most people think, and probably the best long-term investment in the world.

When I decided to diversify my financial investments with the goal of earning a steady passive income while investing in tangible assets, private real estate lending through Jesabel and Jacques Lépine’s SCIQ company seemed like the best option for me.  I have been delighted since the middle of 2020 to see how this is a growing sector that generates additional income with a real and constant return of 12%. 

It is truly a sound investment because in this company, the growth is done in stages and the risk is well distributed between the loan recipients and the limited partner investors. This brings me cash quickly and easily. And the potential return on these investments is almost unlimited because, with their experience and their desire to diversify internationally, Jacques and Jesabel are able to make other people’s money work exponentially, while maintaining a well-controlled progression. From this perspective, the millionaire spirit has more room than ever to remain a successful long-term investor.  

And in conclusion: the time to invest in private loans, independently or within a company such as SCIQ, with your own money and even better with the money of others, is NOW!

Jean-François Morisseau
SCIQ Investor
Montreal, February 2, 2021

I have been using the private mortgage financing of Société de crédit immo Québec to finance my construction projects and acquisitions in the real estate world for several years.

Unlike a traditional bank, decisions are made quickly and funds are available in a very short time.  The service is efficient and allows me to succeed in my real estate projects.

Nicolas Lapointe
Real estate investor
Montreal, February 2, 2021

I am extremely satisfied with the private mortgage financing services offered by Société de Crédit Immo Québec.  In fact, I got more than financing, as their experience and financial creativity made the difference in the success of my real estate project.  In addition, their excellent reputation gave me peace of mind knowing that they are a committed partner in my projects.  Unlike other private lenders, the money was always available as promised.  I would recommend their services without hesitation!

Sergio Gomes
Real estate investor
Montreal, February 2, 2021

Being a big real estate project optimizer, I use private lenders very often and always recommend Jacques’ team for my mortgage financing first. 

Since we are always using creative financing, I find it important to have a partner like Jacques who understands and is committed to the projects.

As he taught us so well, it is ideal to invest with other people’s money / private lenders / banks. I prefer to make acquisitions financed 100% by a private lender, it leaves more room for freedom 

We like to use Jacques’ financing company and team for its speed, its simplicity and especially for its help in validating the profitability of our projects. 

In short, if Jacques Lépine confirms that you have a deal, it’s a deal!!

Jean-François Picard
Real estate investor
Montreal, February 2, 2021

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