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About us

The SCIQ in brief

Société de Crédit Immo Québec Inc. (SCIQ) is a well-established and ethically responsible mortgage financing company. Founded in 2016 by Jacques Lépine and Jesabel Cortés, SCIQ brings together a team of experts in mortgage financing and real estate investment. SCIQ has built an excellent reputation over the years. 

Our business partners are lawyers, accountants, mortgage and real estate brokers, chartered appraisers and notaries, among others. A team of professionals who have earned a good reputation in the real estate sector, each with many years of experience. Our team works in a solution mode offering you a one-stop shop service. 

Our vision

« To be the number one private lending company, the leader among real estate investors, and to further solidify our 40+ years of experience in the real estate industry. ».

SCIQ strives to be the best choice for both private lenders and real estate investors looking to execute their FLIPS and BUILDING OPTIMIZATION projects. We are developing our markets to become a world class lender. Our vision is to be an indispensable partner for real estate investors, which goes far beyond just being a lender. Your success is our priority.

Our company’s goal is very simple: to leave a legacy of excellence in the private lending market. SCIQ aims to be the leading private lending company for real estate investors around the world. To achieve this, we are committed to professionalism while developing an excellent corporate culture. 

Our conviction

We firmly believe that each of our investors and borrowers will achieve their goals, grow their investments and secure their financial freedom. 

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients realize their real estate investment projects, enabling them to reach the status of millionaires and even billionaires.

To provide a unique client experience, focused on the client’s real estate investment needs, while being your first choice partner in our professional service offering. We distinguish ourselves by our experience, expertise, reliability and financial strength.

To achieve this, we share our corporate vision with our clients, selecting highly competent human resources and using the full creative potential of each of our partners. 

Our values

Putting people first

The human element is our priority in our corporate culture. Our employees, partners and investors are just as important as our clients/borrowers. All are treated with the utmost respect and priority.

Embracing change

The company accepts and embraces change from the very beginning and adapts accordingly. We require that our employees and partners not only welcome change, but also adapt themselves in consequence.

Pursuing excellence

Our employees and partners are also expected to demonstrate professional excellence. This is an essential attitude required at SCIQ. To achieve this, we carefully select the best talent available in our field. 

Social responsibility

We insist that all our employees and partners are committed not only to the company, but also to society and the planet.

Acting with transparency

The company is growing as a trusted brand. Each of us performs our duties with the utmost integrity. 

SCIQ’s corporate responsibility

Serving the world

We constantly, actively and voluntarily contribute to social, economic and environmental causes, for the benefit of our employees and the community in which we operate.

Our goal is to generate a positive impact on the communities where the company operates, on the environment and its sustainability, which is why we are constantly involved in different causes.

To be the international foundation that can transform more lives in the world, systematically and sustainably.

For this reason we have decided to undertake this Foundation which aims to be involved in various social causes such as education, the mental health of children and elderly in situations of abuse or abandonment, the environmental causes that generate a better quality of life for our planet and the causes of animal rescue, so that we can leave a legacy for future generations.


Mrs Jesabel Cortes-Lépine.- Présidente

Mr Jacques Lépine .- Vice-président