Jacques Lépine

He is a businessman who has made his fortune in his passion, real estate investment.

A graduate of the University of Ottawa in Business Administration, he is the founder of the Club d’Investisseurs Immobiliers du Québec (CIIQ), a non-profit organization with over 35,000 members and 55,000 Facebook friends in Quebec, whose mission is to share all the information necessary to succeed in real estate investing.

Speaker, trainer, coach and mentor, he devotes much of his time to helping people become financially independent in our Quebec market.

He is the author of the best-selling books Financial Independence through Real Estate and Automatic Financial Independence.

He is also the author of Make Money in Real Estate with Other People’s Money, and co-author of Focus, 101 Real Estate Investment Tips, and Courage, Vision and Passion.

As President and co-founder of L’ASSOCIATION DES PRÊTEURS HYPOTHÉCAIRES PRIVÉS DU QUÉBEC INC, a non-profit organization, Mr. Lépine is responsible for the standardization of work methods, the implementation of a code of ethics in the field of private loans and the grouping of several private lenders who work independently in order to offer professional support and constructive guidance.

Jesabel Cortés-Lépine

A professional manager since 2001, she has a degree in Tourism and is a native of Mexico City.  She has accumulated more than 16 years of experience in the management and direction of Gran Turismo hotels, namely for the Marriott International and Melia Hotels International chains, as well as a real estate investor.

She is directly involved in the management of each project’s analysis and as a decision maker in the acceptance or rejection of mortgage applications.


Her international strategic vision, her great ability to create relationships and her passion for the commercial sector have led her to study different languages so that she can offer to serve a diversified clientele based on ethics and respect for each individual with whom she has a personal or professional relationship.

These skills make her stand out to our clients in understanding their real needs and implementing continuous improvements in our operational processes.

As Vice President and Co-Founder of L’ASSOCIATION DES PRÊTEURS HYPOTHÉCAIRES PRIVÉS DU QUÉBEC INC, a non-profit organization, Ms. Cortés Lépine is responsible for the standardization of work methods and the implementation of a code of ethics in the field of private loans to offer professional support and constructive guidance for a group of private lenders who work independently.

Paul Lamontagne

Paul Lamontagne is a UQAM management graduate. Early in his carreer, he acquired a wide international experience of almost 10 years in Europe, where he has held some senior management positions with Pepsico-Pizza Hut.  As a director of operations in the French market, he had over 2500 employees deployed in 150 restaurants, under his responsibility. He subsequently took on an operations leadership position for the whole of Europe and Africa (doing business in 34 countries).

Since 2001, he is now a seasoned and passionate real estate investor, having been involved in various types of projects including building acquisitions for both long term investment and speculation, condo conversions and also, land optimization. His commanding experience in real estate, his management skills, as well as his talent for organizing, are important assets for our company.

Alex Pépin

He has over 16 years of experience in the field of credit, insolvency and personal finance.

His experience in client relations, sales and networking, combined with his dynamic personality, have made him a key contributor to our company.

He is always committed to providing excellent service to our investors and clients.

Nicole Belanger

With over 30 years of experience, Ms. Bélanger is in charge of our supplier relations and is directly involved in all administrative tasks of the company.

Her knowledge, honesty and desire to achieve our objectives make her a key member of our team.

Caroline Urbain

Graduated from Collège l’Assomption in administrative techniques with honors, her rigor, commitment, integrity and honesty  make  miss Urbain a collaborator appreciated by business leaders for who she worked in the accounting department.

Miss Urbain cumulates more than 20 years of experience as accountant. Her great experience make for us  an excellent collaborator in our team. She is also graduate from real estate coaching from CIIQ and a real estate investor.

Guy Demers CPA

Member of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agrées du Québec, CPA, CA since 1992.

Corporate member, speaker and trainer of the Club d’Investisseurs Immobiliers du Québec Partner in SME services at Choquette Corriveau.

He is also a real estate investor and has been involved in various organizations such as BNI and Chamber of Commerce over the years.

Rigoberto Alexander LEMUS [ BDI, ADIQ ]

Founder of MONARKUS Inc. he and his creative team are responsible for the corporate image of Société de Crédit Immo Québec. Since 2010, the group has been involved in the development of large-scale projects such as the MUHC, the BAnQ, the Îlot Balmoral and the CHUM, an award-winning and internationally recognized hospital.

With his multidisciplinary background, he brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of routing, design and connected signage. Constantly looking to partner with people in action, he is an active member of the Club d’Investisseurs Immobiliers du Québec and a privileged partner of the Institut de Développement Urbain du Québec.