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Useful links

Real estate related websites
Website of the Real Estate Investors Club of Quebec. A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting synergy among real estate investors. Training, networking, monthly meetings, coaching, etc.
Creative Real Estate Online. This site is an incredible source of insights into creative financing. All in English. It has been online since 1994. Essential for investors who want to better understand creative real estate investing.
The Guide Perrier. A portal dedicated to housing. Very well done.
A website about discounted mortgages. Techniques to calculate the profitability of your games with notes.
The site of Robert Kiyosaki, one of the great wealth gurus in the United States.
The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a government agency dedicated not only to facilitating access to home ownership for Canadians through mortgage insurance, but also providing an incredible source of information (statistics, market studies, etc.) for real estate investors.
A private company that is the equivalent of CMHC, which insures only mortgages for homeowners.
You can access your credit report on the Equifax Canada website. Find out what the lender will see about your credit history before you even meet with them.
The other Canadian credit agency, TransUnion, is also important to consult in order to correct any errors that may be found.
The Quebec Land Register online. Everything that is registered at the Bureau de la publicité des droits du Québec can be found here. You have access to the index, buildings, deeds of sale, mortgage deeds, notices of exercise and declarations of transmission. You will need the lot number of the property you want to find information about.
The best site for classified ads in Quebec.
Find ads for land and commercial buildings for sale by individuals and real estate brokers.
Find properties for sale directly by the owner.
Good classifieds site.
This site was designed by the organizers of the Salon de la Copropriété. You will find a lot of information on divided and undivided co-ownership.
RGCQ website. More information on condominiums in Quebec.
If you need to consult the Civil Code of Quebec, this is the place to go.
Website of the Tribunal administratif du logement. You will find relevant information on your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and the process of converting apartment buildings into divided and undivided co-ownerships.
Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ). You will find information on housing in Quebec as well as on subsidy programs offered by the SHQ.
Registre des droits personnels et réels mobiliers (RDPRM).
Registre des entreprises du Québec (REQ). Find information on Quebec companies and their owners or shareholders.
Canada Revenue Agency website.
Strategis est un site mis sur pied par Industrie Canada pour les entreprises et les consommateurs canadiens. Vous y trouverez une banque incroyable d’informations.
Website of Revenu Quebec.
Website of the Société immobilière du Québec.
Ministère des Affaires municipales et des régions.
APCHQ. Plenty of information on construction and Quebec contractors. Home warranty, training, etc.
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association.
Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ).
Pour trouver de l’information pertinente sur l’acquisition d’une maison neuve.
Website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Information on construction laws and regulations in Quebec. You can also check if your contractor has a valid licence.
Quebec Energy Transition website. For information on green housing trends.
Canadian Real Estate Association
Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec.
Association des syndicats de copropriété du Québec.
Association des inspecteurs de bâtiments du Québec.
Chambre des notaires du Québec.
Royal LePage
Via La Capitale
Proprio Direct: Don’t let the name fool you. This company, while very creative, is a true licensed real estate broker.
Century 21. The largest network of real estate brokers in the world. Less present in Quebec.
Pela Nickoletopoulos’ Mortgage Intelligence site, where you can find 100% mortgage financing for building types up to fourplexes.
If you are looking for the cost of electricity related to a property.
If you want to know the heating costs for a building, visit the Energir website.
Find the postal code from a street address.
Find the phone number of an owner or a professional.